If you don’t know the name, SolarWinds, that’s about to change.

SolarWinds is a software company that provides tools for management data networks that are used by many large companies and US government agencies.

The problem? SolarWinds was hacked by Russian intelligence services more than eight months ago. The hack was only discovered this month. Basically, corporations, Federal agency, state and local agencies, and private foundations that use their software have had secrets shipped to Moscow. That may include sensitive personal information on your healthcare and finances. It was there for the taking if the Russians wanted it.

The Russians expanded the damage by using the SolarWinds hack to penetrate and steal threat detection tools from a major Internet security form, FireEye. From there, they hacked Google and Gmail (see below), and the Verizon subsidiary, Yahoo, as well as the Pentagon and US Treasury.

For you, Blue Cross and Blue…

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