That Day!!!!

Soni's thoughts

She woke up suddenly and felt a deep mix feeling of all sorts of emotions.
Her heart was filled with desolation as well as a pinch of excitement too!!
She saw all airbags, suitcases, luggagges around her bed and a drop of tear rolled down her eyes!!
She got lost into deep rumination for a bit, but was heckled by a voice from behind “Daughter, get up and get ready fast! We are running out of time, need to catch train’
By hearing those words another few tear drops poured out…
She felt like ceasing the moment and not to let it progress atall!!
But then she snubbed the thoughts and prepared herself to be ready to catch the train with her parents!!
As the speed of train was rocketing, her heart beat was at full tilt!!
Body was palpitating with full sweat!!
Finally train reached to its destination thus…

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