Rage, by Bob Woodward

The Chatty Introvert

My Copy: 9781982131739 (image from bn.com)

Well, if you read Fear, then you can assume this is the continuation (and book-end) to what was brought up in that book. And you’d have a good reason to believe that, wrapping up just a few months before the 2020 Election.

Rage is a very apropos title, namely because my own personal rage kept on increasing as events unfolded in the book. Everything from early warnings about COVID (and some mistakes by others other than Trump, contradictory precautions and the like), to the George Floyd murder, and all kinds of other things. It’s not quite as in depth as Fear was because he doesn’t have to introduce as many players this time around. We saw the ones working to save the country more than the presidency, and they were eventually pushed out. Now we have the results of a president surrounded by…

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