Before I sleep

Unlocking The Hidden Me


An aurora of a new tomorrow

Far away from betrayal and sorrow

A lightning streak to follow

Voices so euphonious and mellow

Hearts benevolent but not so hollow

Will I be able to sow and reap

Shall I be awake, before I sleep??

Foraging Into the woods

To go lost, if I could

Charismatic fireflies under the hood

Catch them to enlighten my den, I would

Be enchanted as I did in my childhood.

In pursuit of unfulfilled desires assembled in heap

Shall I be awake, before I sleep??

To live in a bewitching meadow,

Where there is no class, creed or its shadow

No race, disgrace or discrimination to endow

Be an illuminating candle by the Window

And opening my eyes to a new rainbow

Would I ever take such a gigantic leap

Shall I be awake, before I sleep??

© Samreen Asad 2020

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