The Biggest USP of Today’s Smartphone is “Camera”: Crack the Specs Now to Buy the Best Smartphone for Photography

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-By Kamal Shrestha,

“Of what use are lens and light to those who lack in mind and sight?” – Anonymous

“To talk about my days back (school life period), I remember Yashika MF-2, my father’s best analog camera during late 1980s to 1990s. It was always handy and cool camera to capture a good photograph of a family or his friends.”

Smartphone is like a god’s gift for us. We can communicate to anyone easily to the people around the world. We can operate most of the tasks without using computer. If you have got a good specifications of camera in your smartphone, it’s awesome. Though it is fully armed with latest specifications installed for a good quality photograph, lacks of knowledge to use it stand out you in vain. Your thousands of photographs will have no use to speak a living moment of the time.

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Release of PPP loan recipients’ data reveals troubling patterns (Grifters Trump and Kushner made out well)

  • Over 25 PPP loans worth more than $3.65 million were given to businesses with addresses at Trump and Kushner real estate properties, paying rent to those owners. Fifteen of the businesses self-reported that they only kept one job, zero jobs or did not report a number at all.
  • The loans to businesses located at Trump and Kushner properties included a $2,164,543 loan to the Triomphe Restaurant Corp., at the Trump International Hotel & Tower in New York City. The company reported the money didn’t go to keeping any jobs. It later closed.
  • A company called LB City Inc, which is located at Kushner’s Bungalow Hotel in Long Branch, New Jersey, received a loan for $505,552.50 that it used to keep 155 jobs.
  • Two tenants at 725 5th Avenue, Trump Tower, received more than $100,000 and kept only three jobs.
  • Four tenants at the Kushner-owned 666 5th Avenue combined received more than $204,000, and retained only six jobs.

Source: Release of PPP loan recipients’ data reveals troubling patterns

‘The scientists have done it’: Boris Johnson hails Covid vaccine

Still not leading – sounds more like a pitchman. His statements will encourage people to let their guard down and more will die from his poor leadership.


PM says news brings ‘sure and certain knowledge’ that people can reclaim their lives

Boris Johnson has declared that the nation is no longer resting on the hope of a return to normality by spring but instead has the “certain knowledge” that people can reclaim their lives, as he hailed the arrival of the newly approved Covid-19 vaccine.

The prime minister told a Downing Street press conference on Wednesday that “the scientists have done it”, although he stressed that people should not get carried away with “over-optimism”, insisting that they continue to abide by the rules.

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Valéry Giscard d’Estaing dies after Covid-19 diagnosis



Former French president, 94, steered the modernisation of French society during his time in office

The former French president Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, a key architect of European integration in the early 1970s, has died at the age of 94 after contracting Covid-19.

Giscard, who served as France’s leader from 1974 to 1981, had recently been hospitalised in Tours with respiratory problems, and was released only to return to hospital in mid-November.

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Mexico: López Obrador says pandemic lockdowns are the tactic of dictators

Had hope for you and Mexico – no longer. Being against solving Covid-19 – what’s next invited malaria and polio back in to your country? So sad.


‘The fundamental thing is to guarantee liberty,’ says Mexican president when asked why he almost never wears a mask

Mexicos’s President Andrés Manuel López Obrador suggested on Wednesday that politicians who impose lockdowns or curfews to limit Covid-19 are acting like dictators.

The comments came as López Obrador once again fended off questions about why he almost never wears a face mask, saying it was a question of liberty.

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