Tianxi Wang

Fish-33.jpg There are as many fish releasers as fishers by the river. These two crowds attempt to ignore each other, which allows them to maintain a tricky balance. The connection between them is the fish sellers. Fishers catch fish and sell them to the sellers, then the sellers sell fish to the releasers, whom later releases the fish back to the river. Such a perfect and balanced cycle.  For the fish releasers, releasing the fish probably fulfills some of their emotional needs. Some fish were thrown as high as possible into the river as if it the height decides how many merits and virtues the releaser would accumulate. A few pieces of fish scales fell off to the water, reflecting subtle light, while the fish seemed to be knocked out. Fortunately, some turned over a few seconds later and swam away.  There are as many ways of releasing the fish as catching them. What most of the releasers do is to purchase fish from the fish sellers, recite scriptures, then pour the fish into the river. Some rather faithful ones would be reciting scriptures for over one or two hours before releasing the fish.

Fish-11.jpg Source: Tianxi Wang