The Value of the Gold they covet so much

Barbara Crane Navarro

Yanomami boy with pet monkey, Alto Orinoco, Amazonas, Venezuela
photo – Barbara Crane Navarro

As the Yanomami spokesman Davi Kopenawa says in his book “The Falling Sky”:  “When a human being dies, his ghost does not carry any of his goods onto the sky’s back, even if he is very greedy. The things he made or acquired are left on earth and only torment the living by rekindling the longing for his presence.

We are different from the white people and our thought is other. Among them, when a father dies, his children are happy to tell each other: ‘We are going to share his merchandise and his money and keep them for ourselves!’

Our real goods are the things of the forest: its waters, fish, game, trees and fruit. Not merchandise! This is why as soon as someone dies we make all the objects he kept disappear. We grind…

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