Surviving Thanksgiving with an Eating Disorder


Of all the holidays I celebrate, Thanksgiving is my least favorite. This shouldn’t come as a surprise; that I, an introverted vegetarian recovering from an eating disorder, do not enjoy a day where large groups of people gather to eat large amounts of rich and meaty food. But it almost always does.

My family isn’t doing anything special for Thanksgiving this year for obvious reasons, yet we’re still somehow in the minority in America. So, if you are celebrating the holiday and are struggling with eating, here are five tips I’ve learned in my recovery that have helped me survive—and even have a bit of fun along the way.

Number One: Bring dishes you’ll enjoy.

Even before I got sick, I wasn’t a huge fan of Thanksgiving food. But when the buttery mashed potatoes and thick slices of pumpkin pie I enjoyed as a kid suddenly sent my mind into…

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