Steepening the Curve


Do you remember the parable about the little boy who cried “wolf”? He did it for attention, but the third time there really was a wolf, and no more little boy.

We talked about “flattening the curve” this year. That wasn’t to stop the virus, because we don’t have a proven way to do that, but to slow it so that medical systems could cope.

The Corona virus ran amok in the Northeastern US (especially New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts) in the Winter and Spring of this year. Shutdowns finally brought it under control, but the rest of the country didn’t react. Now the virus is surging again.

The Northeast had the advantage of a heavy concentration of hospital services. The rest of the US doesn’t, and there is a story of patients in Georgia being taken 500 miles to find a hospital with an available ICU bed. If…

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