Celebrate flawsomeness!


Our flaws and imperfections are few of those things which we like to keep on back burner and on the bottom of our “deal with it” list. It’s human to take quick note of people’s strengths and get inspired or get jealous or feel envious. Strengths – i feel are overrated and over celebrated to a very high degree as against our flaws. We tend to admire subconsciously the strengths we hold and pity on our flaws.Totally ignoring the fact that the overall reason and presence of any strength is indeed because we chose to cross over many of our flaws around that strength.So it’s much over due that we rather appreciate the whole list of flaws we hold as this eventually will help us to attain more strengths within us.It’s about time to embrace the flaws and own them unapologetically.

Basic human nature is always a reactionary one towards…

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