The Fall

Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poetry #autumn

Touch an autumn leaf fallen from a tree

Scattered everywhere like a debris

Mostly rough, they are crisp and brittle

Fading away little by little

From green to red to orange hues

They lose their moisture and livelihood dues

They are destined to fall

For the tree to stand tall

Autumn leaves, we all are

Living in this world to be a star

Our life changes colors and shades

We gather love, valuables, criticisms and accolades

Not knowing how far we would go

When will life change its flow

Nescient of the irony of fate

We indulge in jealousy and hate

Lost in this world as if we would never depart

We do forget the tree has got to do its part

Autumn will surely arrive

And water will be deprived

Taking back all the essence from the leaf

And then we falter in disbelief

The tree…

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