For those (like me) who assumed deniers that get COVID-19 will finally see the light… not so fast.

wear-a-mask, please.

The Chatty Introvert

photo credit: (David Horsey, op ed 11-17-2020)

I saw a few clips about this nurse’s tweet. From South Dakota, Nurse Jodi Doering finally had to express herself on her night off. I don’t have Twitter, but you can find her viral tweet without much difficulty, I assume. The gist of it is even while plenty of folks are in the hospital beds, hooked up to machines, gasping for breath… they deny that it’s COVID-19.

I never thought that would be the case. My mind was blown.

CNN interviewed her this morning about the tweet for some elaboration (I happened to catch it before I caught a ride to my own surgical appointment). Jodi shows up about 1:15 in:

I asked my ride about it (she works in a hospital) and what she’s heard about the denial in her own hospital. She was amazed how bad it was in this…

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