Two Cardinals

Unlocking The Hidden Me


Undulating, I flew through the air

Prattling and absorbing the secrets of the breeze

Contented and in compliance with the treaty of life

Until I stumbled and went head over heels

One fine day it was

While Foraging I heard moans of despair

My soft heart started melting

As I saw a survivor of hawk attack hiding and fighting for breath

For as long as I can remember being in delusion

My alter ego swayed and lingered with me

Together we dwelled building our roost

Singing our hearts out until the daylight waned

There was a nip in the air, overcast sky

As the chilly winds started to blow by

I opened my eyes to see you nowhere

My frantic search led me to now here

I sang for hours and waited for an echo

As Countless dawns and dusks swept by

Then, unforeseen, you flashed like a…

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