US COVID-19 levels shatter more records | CIDRAP

US markers rise sharply

The nation reported another single-day high yesterday, piling up 144,133 new cases, along with 1,893 new deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins online dashboard.

In its weekly analysis of US COVID-19 trends, the COVID Tracking Project said today cases rose sharply last week, up 40%, with testing rising by 13%. Hospitalizations rose in all but four states, with the steepest increases in the Midwest, which are now at levels exceeding what Southern states experienced during the summer surge.

Deaths increased by nearly 23% from the previous week, the group said.

Pandemic preparedness experts told Wall Street Journal that hospitals are even more stretched than they were during the spring and summer, with cases more geographically widespread and reaching more remote regions. They also said hospitals don’t have enough healthcare workers to provide proper care.

Source: US COVID-19 levels shatter more records | CIDRAP