I’m struggling… – The poor side of life

Dear readers this week’s blog is going to be rather short and I apologize for this. The other week my daughter brought a virus home from school.

This week saw the death total for UK hit 50 thousand. Yes these people died from Covid 19 related illnesses but people still insult the dead and their families by saying that its all a lie. It isn’t a lie, people are dying and they need to take this seriously. I’m sorry for repeating myself again but people do need to hear this. It’s extremely important. As for me, I’ve not been able to go out anywhere except for my local post office which isn’t far. I struggle walking there and back, breathing isn’t easy when your mobile but it is what it is. I wear a mask whenever I do go to the post office and I’m very strict about using anti bacterial hand creams etc. I stay away from any crowds of people because I realize the risk of catching something else. I’m not contagious anymore but so many people are vulnerable and we all need to look after each other. What I do want is a proper lockdown with the full support of the government for workers and self employed people.

Source: I’m struggling… – The poor side of life