Madagascar : a fabulous “safari whales” at Ste Marie

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We took a domestic flight from Antananarivo Airport at 8am and landed safely 45 minutes later at the Ste Marie island in the Indian Ocean, along the east coast of Madagascar.The view from the plane’s window is so breathtaking : large blue sea, surrounding a colorful land.The small “Ile Ste Marie” is famous and known as a touristic location . Every year, from June to September, humpback whales make migrationhere.

A humpback whale

Humpback whales migrate to engage courtship or to nurse their babies. So, there are so many tourists for the expedition and also a considerable range of hotels and restaurant. We began our visit by taking a Tuc Tuc, this kind of vehicle-bike and setting out a tour of the township . You can as well pay a visit to the tomb of pirates .The town is animated and people are so friendly. The…

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