Lets go Banana? nops lets become Potatoholic😄🥔😋

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Heya my wonderful friends, how are you all doing!!
Little bit curious by my post’s tagline??
Ok ok, let me give a brief, todays post is about a mouth watering snacks or starter anything you can call it with potato as the king😃
Yeah, i know i dont like to cook, but me being a foodie, sometimes cant stop myself from cooking yummy food whenever i feel like eating, but not always hehehe…

I would be sharing with you the receipe of this dish called CAJUN SPICY POTATO
When the first time i went Barbeque nation restaurant, in veg starter they served it and since then it got added to my fav dish list…

In this lockdown thought why not to try making it? As its very simple and gets prepared too fast!

👉🏻Baby potatos (as per your wish you can take how many you want to eat)

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