Arkansas police chief called for violence against Democrats – CNN

Lang Holland, who was police chief of the roughly 1,300-person city of Marshall, Arkansas, drew outrage from both local residents and people around the country after making ominous comments online in recent days. In addition to repeatedly saying Democrats should be killed, he shared memes from conspiracy theory QAnon and claimed that the election was being stolen.
“Death to all Marxist Democrats,” Holland posted on Parler, a new social media site popular with conservatives and used as an alternative to Twitter. “Take no prisoners leave no survivors!!”
One image he shared depicted a group of Democrats, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, wearing prison jumpsuits. Under the image he wrote: “I pray all those in that picture hang on the gallows and are drawn and quartered!!!! Anything less is not acceptable.”
(Me: he should have been fired earlier but now he is allowed to resign)
The mayor said he was surprised and disturbed to find out about the posts. He described Holland as a “hero” who had served multiple tours overseas and said he “is very, very United States.” But he said Holland’s social media posts were out of line. Holland made national news earlier this year when he publicly refused to enforce the state’s Covid-19 mask mandate.

Source: Arkansas police chief called for violence against Democrats – CNN