2-Mins Receipe!!

Soni's thoughts

Hey friends!!! How you all doing!! My todays post is about a sweet dish… So lets go into depth!!!

Well let me tell you one thing about myself is i am a foodie, i love trying different type of dishes always, well as you might know from my prev post that i dont like cooking atall, but yes this covid lockdown indeed casted a cook spell in me!! All of a sudden i holded pans, cooker, spoons etc in one hand and my phone with youtube on in another hand to watch the food receipies to prepare!!!😆

Ummmm if i count then almost 60 dishes i have made till date during quarantine and as usual the caste’s effect lowered and now a days i am more into writing, drawing and singing than into cooking😬
So this ‘CUP/MUG CAKE‘ receipe is the most loved sweet dish of mine amongst…

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