Thoughtful Thursdays and is organization a sign of poor Self-Health Care?

Writing a novel or non-fiction books is WORK, joy and frustration and whew when you finish. Some of what I have done is all worked out and edited in mind, sometimes in outline, and when at its best – just pours out until it is done.

The 4 Freedoms for ALL via Language & Adult Education, Writing, and PublicDomainInfrastructure

Or the lack of organisation?

And a side comment on the need for Universal Health Care: writing is so often fraught with the dangers our past traumas uncover, or prevent us from covering, that yet another reason we need far more accessible, affordable, and long-term trauma (especially childhood based and C-PTSD trained trauma specialists) therapy, for everyone.

In working on the various versions of my first NaNo (2012) novel, I ended up wishing that I’d written it all out on paper:

Organisation is definitely another key element of writing a novel. Too many backup files and changes in one directory make for lost edits -a novelist’s nightmare. This is why I prefer paper.

Here is the real Draft #6, with major changes to the chapter headings, and far cleaner prose, but still two main hero(ine)s.

And then I submitted a (very bad) synopsis:

Submitting old material -ouch! This…

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