Merchandise Love – The Value the white people give the Gold they covet so much

Barbara Crane Navarro

photo: Yanomami: shamanic transformation – Barbara Crane Navarro

As the Yanomami spokesman Davi Kopenawa says in his book “The Falling Sky”:                     “Today there are not many great shamans left in our forest. The gold smoke of epidemics nearly completely emptied it.Our fathers and our grandfathers did not trust the white people and had always feared their epidemic fumes. They did not know that they had come to mark the edges of Brazil in the middle of our land. They never imagined that later these people’s children and grandchildren would come back in large numbers to dig gold from the rivers. 

They never thought that these outsiders would one day chase them from their homes to take their land! Then the xawara epidemics arrive in their footsteps and we immediately start dying one after another! We are the few inhabitants of…

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