Origin of the Saxons, and Derivation of the Name

English History

Book 2,Chapter 1, 449 AD to 597 AD – The Saxons – Continued

The origin of the Saxons has been a subject of learned dispute. Ptolemy mentions a tribe called Saxons, living on the north side of the Elbe, but they could not then have been of much importance, for seven other tribes are named by him as occupying the same small peninsula. Tacitus, who wrote before Ptolemy, does not mention them, and it is a fair inference that they were then an obscure and inconsiderable people. It seems most probable that they were a part of that second great wave of population which spread over Europe about six hundred years BC, and which consisted of the Scythian, German, and Gothic tribes. From this great stock sprung the Anglo Saxons, Lowland Scotch, Normans, Danes, Norwegians, Swedes, Dutch, Germans, Belgians, Lombard’s, and Franks of after times.

The name Saxons is…

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