Unlocking The Hidden Me

#poetry #haiku #senryu

Contented, benign

Destitute yet heart to give

A human, really??

In our contemporary world, the lion’s share of us ‘people’ live by the principle of give and take. A rare sight it is to see someone not abiding this rule. Compassion is on the verge of extinction and lie embedded in books just like another 3 syllable word.

The very essence has been lost or to say will be lost in the years to come. Even relationships are not forgiven, they do get washed away in the rain of avariciousness.

To be kind, you don’t require to dissipate a million dollars (as it does not proportionate to being one) instead just an illumination of hope, a word of sobriety, a pat of appreciation, an anchor in times of a hurricane, tears of sympathy, a medicine in illness, a shelter in a squall and a heart to…

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