Soni's thoughts

Hi pals… Long gap… Hope all are good, normal and calm??
Yes? No?? May be??
Well how to be calm in abnormal circumstances? How you guys keep yourself composed? Any mantras?

So “do Meditation, take deep breath, count down from reverse” etc are common facts which everyone knows and many does too.
Apart from these what next?
“do the things which you love to do always, it will keep you at peace”, hmm even this also all do..

Today i wanna share with you all what i usually do when i feel sad/anxious/nervous/frustrated and so on….(many of you might do the same, still thought to give a glimpse)


Music is such a healer which cannot be explained in words or thesis.
Its natures dandy creation whether sound of birds chirping, sound of rain drops, sound of wind, sound of sea…
If you just go to such a quiet place…

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