Where are you going ? – THE READERS DESK

Source: Where are you going ? – THE READERS DESK

Yes, you where are you going ?

You’re sure you want to go this way?

Have you have been made to

walk on this path?

Or you actually don’t know

where you are going?

Ever asked yourself if you really

belong to that destination you

have chosen to reach

Are you going there by all your heart

Or you’re forced by something

to which your heart doesn’t belong

Does this path you’re on right now

has the ownership of your happiness

Or your happiness is not in question anymore

We always keep going leaving

everything out on destiny

Accepting it all as a matter of fate

An excuse it is, if we ask ourselves

Before heading to your path

Why not we tend to reconsider

and reconsider and reconsider

Wherever you are this time

always remember this one thing

You can’t change the beginning

from where you started off

But you can change the ending

And make it all happening

Always keep yourself asking

Where are you going?

You’re liking the things this

path is showing you ?

Are you happy going this way?

And if your inner self doesn’t answer

Or say I am unaware of it

Then you’re nowhere getting to

whatever road you take

Keep reminding yourself to

answer these questions

Don’t stop till you get

all of it solved before

And a happy journey if you

have got it all in all

Start heading start moving

With the thought of conquering.