Violência contra a mulher — VEM comigo! (violence against women)

Se todo homem que batesse em mulher fosse preso, não teria cadeia nesse país capaz de comportar tantos agressores.Não sou a favor de quem bate, agride ou mata uma mulher. Todavia, não basta trabalhar o problema da ” metade para o fim”. Mas, é interessante “observar a base”. É no início que se pode ensinar […]

Violência contra a mulher — VEM comigo!

If every man who beat a woman were arrested, there would be no jail in that country capable of holding so many aggressors. I am not in favor of anyone who beats, attacks or kills a woman. However, it is not enough to work the problem of “half to the end”. But, it is interesting to “observe the base”. It is in the beginning that the child can be taught to respect girls, colleagues and sisters. For it is only from this understanding that when growing up, this young man, and then a man, consequently, he will know how to correctly interpret what he can and what he does not. If he grows up in an environment, where everything is allowed, certainly the lack of respect will not only be in relation to women, but in relation to everyone. Now, hit “let’s arrest”. Well, in that case, the problem goes in another direction. I don’t think it’s over there, see !? I do not advocate this type of attitude, but it is good to have some clarification on this issue. The number of assaults recorded by women is nowhere near those who are silent. The aggression occurs most of the time, “from the door to the inside …”. It is not enough to arrest, you have to teach your child not to hit.