* New Updates * Lockdown from Covid-19: From an Expat's Point of View


Hey! How’s everyone? It has been two months from my last update on this post and there have been some major new stuff going on in my life in Malaysia and I like to share with all of you.

Back to Square One Again

First up, yes we are back in lockdown again. Less restricted than the last one we were in but they have taken away swimming and schools. I won’t go into why the number started spiking in Malaysia. I don’t want to get into a silly political argument. If you like to know, you probably can google for it. So now, everyone is mostly staying at home, keep themselves safe and trying to cope with the 3rd wave of this pandemic.

However, it is less intense than the last lockdown. Probably because expectations are set and there are no nasty surprises. Malaysia has done so well keeping…

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