The Myth of the Cuban American Monolith – WhoWhatWhy

Sofia_Hidalgo Sofia Hidalgo was driving down Miami’s famed Cuban hotspot, the vibrant Calle Ocho, when pro-Trump motorists blocked her car. “I was shaking in my car just thinking that they could so easily hurt me,” the 18-year-old said.  Hidalgo, a first-time Cuban American voter, was participating in a pro-Biden car caravan across Miami, with thousands of other Biden supporters. Cubanos Con Biden (Cubans with Biden), a grassroots organization based in Miami and committed to creating a strong presence of Cuban American Democrats, was one of the organizers of the event which was called the “Blue Tsunami.”  A “Trump Victory” caravan with the same end destination, its cars decked out in countless MAGA flags, began to push its way into the Biden line of cars. For Hidalgo, it was the beginning of a frightening experience. What began to play out on Calle Ocho just over a week ago gives an indication of the schisms in Florida’s Cuban American community, long thought to be predictably Republican. But that is not true now, and the conflicts within that community played out dramatically as the two caravans intersected.

Source: The Myth of the Cuban American Monolith – WhoWhatWhy