La Cegadora Hechicería del Oro

As Yanomami spokesperson Davi Kopenawa states in his book “Falling from the Sky”: “For the oldest old, gold was just shiny chips in the sand of river beds, like mica. They collected it to make a witchcraft substance designed to blind people they were angry with. … This metal powder was feared. That is why we call the shining metal fragments that prospectors excavate from river beds oru hipëre a: the dazzling witchcraft of gold. When white people take minerals from the ground, they grind them with their machines and heat them in their factories… Gold and other minerals are dangerous and bad things that only bring disease and death. … Although this metal is the most beautiful and strong that you can find to build your machines and your merchandise, it is dangerous for humans. When digging so far underground, whites don’t think about such things. If they did, they wouldn’t break everything they could on the ground indefinitely. I want to make you listen to the words that the xapiri gave me at the moment of the dream, so that these thoughtless strangers can understand what is really happening.

Barbara Crane Navarro

foto: Chamán Yanomami, Amazonas, Venezuela – Barbara Crane Navarro

Como afirma el portavoz Yanomami Davi Kopenawa en su libro “La caída del cielo”: “Para los más viejos, el oro era solo astillas brillantes en la arena de los lechos de los ríos, como la mica. Lo recolectaron para hacer una sustancia de brujería diseñada para cegar a las personas con las que estaban enojados. … Este polvo de metal era temido. Por eso llamamos oru hipëre a a los fragmentos de metal brillante que los buscadores excavan en los lechos de los ríos: la deslumbrante brujería del oro. Cuando los blancos toman minerales del suelo, los muelen con sus máquinas y los calientan en sus fábricas … El oro y otros minerales son cosas peligrosas y malas que solo traen enfermedades y muerte. … Aunque este metal es el más hermoso y fuerte que pueden encontrar para construir sus máquinas…

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