Do You Sell Miracles?|آیا معجزه می فروشید؟

A Voice from Iran

“45th story”

First published: June.28.2018

A little girl went to a pharmacy and said: “Sorry, do you sell miracles?”


The pharmacist smiled and replied: “We don’t sell miracles, my dear.”


The little girl said: “But my brother is dying. Something is growing inside his head. My father said he needs a miracle. Then the little girl showed some coins to the pharmacist.


A man who heard the conversation tapped on the little girl’s shoulder and said: “How much do you have my dear?”

The little girl showed her coins.

The pharmacist waved at the man like they were friends.

The man smiled at the pharmacist and said to the little girl: “Wow, these are enough to buy a miracle.”

The little girl cracked a satisfied smile.

The man said: “Can you take me to your brother?”


She walked the stranger to a little room they called home where her mother…

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