For Nana


You watch over me with your signature smile
I hear a song in the picture you paint
Pastels for lyrics, rose red for rhymes
I see a picture in your song so beautifully quaint
You did it all in your inimitable style.
I still call your name in the silent night
The echo of feelings etched so deep
When tears bleed to weep
Your absence don't make it right.
There is peace in the silence of memory
The warmth of your embrace was luxury
I try to find my strength in words
It's an escape where reality is blurred.
Trying to hold on to what is lost
Forgetting is not easy at any cost.
Feeling it all slipping away from my hand
There is a lot that life can demand.

I will still call your name in the silent night
In this pathless journey, I close my eyes tight.

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