Southern California counties see surge in new coronavirus cases – Los Angeles Times

The average numbers of new COVID-19 cases per 100,000 residents in four counties — Imperial, San Bernardino, Riverside and Los Angeles — are currently among the highest in the state.
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Lebanon Records 1,809 New Coronavirus Cases — Naharnet

Lebanon recorded 1,809 new coronavirus cases and 11 deaths in around 36 hours on Sunday and Monday, the Health Ministry said on Tuesday.

The cases include 1,763 local cases and 46 among people coming from abroad.

The new infections raise the country’s overall tally to 73,995 while the deaths take the death toll to 590. The country has meanwhile recorded 36,803 recoveries.

292 of the new cases were recorded in Baabda district, 245 in Northern Metn, 238 in Beirut, 133 in Baalbek district, 125 in Aley district, 71 in Keserwan, 66 in Chouf and 59 in Sidon district.

Source: Lebanon Records 1,809 New Coronavirus Cases — Naharnet

Trump appointee sparks bipartisan furor for politicizing media agency | TheHill

“Mr. Pack has taken his rampage on America’s international broadcasting to another level,” Engel said in a statement. “He’s trying to tear down the legally mandated firewall that protects USAGM broadcasters from outside interference. But Congress created that firewall by law and although Mr. Pack can huff and puff, he can’t blow that wall down. The rule he rescinded yesterday clarified the legal protections. The firewall remains.” Source: Trump appointee sparks bipartisan furor for politicizing media agency | TheHill

How Virtual Travelling May Help Promote Endangered Languages

Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives

Written by Dyami Millarson

Last year around this time I virtually travelled to Hong Kong and explored the streets of Hong Kong, because I was dreaming about travelling in East Asia while I was sick and lying in my bed without the energy to travel abroad. I learned a lot about Hong Kong by simply using Google Maps street view to walk around in Hong Kong. I walked around a lot in the Mong Kok area, particularly Nathan Road, because I wanted to explore that area more and absorb all the details of what I saw in the streets. It was an extraordinarily satisfying experience to me.

The concept of virtual travelling has really taken off as a response to the 2020 pandemic: virtual travelling was an obscure concept before 2020, and since this year, it was suddenly discovered by the mainstream and it gained mainstream acceptance within the context…

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Interview avec Cédric Teychené auteur de « Le marketing de nos émotions » — MALLYS.FR

The marketing of our emotions ”is an essay which investigates the place of emotions in our society (digital, consumption, business, media) and the emergence of new measurement tools via artificial intelligence, while giving recommendations to resume Control.

Le journal des Jum's

Voici un bel article que l’on a voulu vous partager sur le marketing de nos émotions, Interview avec Cédric Teychené.

«Le marketing de nos émotions» est un essai qui enquête sur la place des émotions dans notre société (numérique, consommation, entreprise, médias) et l’apparition de nouveaux outils de mesure via l’intelligence artificielle, tout en donnant des recommandations pour reprendre le contrôle. A l’occasion de la sortie de «Le marketing de nos émotions», j’ai eu l’occasion[…]

Interview avec Cédric Teychené auteur de «Le marketing de nos émotions» — MALLYS.FR

Belle journée à vous,

Au plaisir de vous retrouver sur notre site, les jum’s 🙂

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For Nana


You watch over me with your signature smile
I hear a song in the picture you paint
Pastels for lyrics, rose red for rhymes
I see a picture in your song so beautifully quaint
You did it all in your inimitable style.
I still call your name in the silent night
The echo of feelings etched so deep
When tears bleed to weep
Your absence don't make it right.
There is peace in the silence of memory
The warmth of your embrace was luxury
I try to find my strength in words
It's an escape where reality is blurred.
Trying to hold on to what is lost
Forgetting is not easy at any cost.
Feeling it all slipping away from my hand
There is a lot that life can demand.

I will still call your name in the silent night
In this pathless journey, I close my eyes tight.

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First Tornado|اولین گردباد

A Voice from Iran

“108th story”

First Published: Sep.12.2019

A story by Laleh Chini:


A story by Laleh Chini:

I remembered in 1986; I started going to High school in Charleston, West Virginia. Charleston is a small city and the Capital of West Virginia. Its population comes to near 50,000. Charleston had one shopping mall and a beautiful main street beside the river, and one vast picnic park.


One day there was a street festival in downtown, which at least half of the population participated — walking by the river with the loud music, between back to back crowd was very joyful.


There were many street foods along with the street concert. Many people were holding ice cream in hand; some kids had cotton candy. People were dancing and having the best time, my cousins and I were appreciating the happy moments.


I think it was around 3 pm when we started getting closer…

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Putin Orders New National Mask Mandate as Russia Sees Second COVID-19 Spike

Vladimir Putin on Tuesday made his most direct intervention yet to stave off a second wave of novel coronavirus infections by reintroducing a national mask mandate in Russia, The New York Times reports. Masks will reportedly be mandatory in public places like public transport, parking garages, and anywhere where more than 50 people can gather. Since the end of Russia’s first nationwide lockdown, Putin has delegated pandemic measures to regional leaders, so the new mandate marks a change in his government’s thinking. It came as Russia recorded more than 16,000 new cases five days in a row. Source: Putin Orders New National Mask Mandate as Russia Sees Second COVID-19 Spike

Joe Biden will make a great president; here’s why – opinion – The Jerusalem Post

Steve Rabinowitz with Joe Biden in the White House, 2015.  (photo credit: DAVID LIENEMANN) Vice President Biden has for decades stood with Israel, combated antisemitism, and fought for the same sense of social justice I learned in shul and at home. As president, he will continue to safeguard the Jewish state, the Jewish people, Jewish values, and guarantee the unbreakable support of the United States.

And you know what? After more than 45 years in and out of Washington, I believe him.

We Jews always want to know which candidate has Jews closest to him. His kids or grandkids, his running mate or their spouse, his most senior staff. Who visited a synagogue? Met again with a bunch of mainstream Jewish leaders or built a sukkah in his backyard by the pool. Well, Jewish values course through the heart of Joe Biden’s own candidacy, campaign, and career. His presidency will personify the best of our faith tradition, as has his entire career. Source: Joe Biden will make a great president; here’s why – opinion – The Jerusalem Post