The Blinding Sorcery of Gold

Barbara Crane Navarro

photo: Yanomami shaman, Amazonas, Venezuela – Barbara Crane Navarro

As the Yanomami spokesman Davi Kopenawa says in his book “The Falling Sky”:”To our elders, gold was just shiny fakes on the sand of the forest’s stream beds, like mica. They collected it to make a sorcery substance intended to blind people with whom they were angry. … this metal dust was highly feared. This is why we call the shards of shiny metal that the gold miners extract from the riverbeds oru hipëre a – the blinding sorcery of gold. When the white people tear minerals out of the ground, they grind them up with their machines, then heat them in their factories.… Gold and other minerals are dangerous evil things that only bring disease and death. … Though this metal may be the most beautiful and most solid they can find to build their machines and their merchandise, it…

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