Colour code


Colours are supposed to be fun, perhaps God created colours to entertain us, make us feel good with abundant variety around us.But the manner in which human race has demonized skin colour is unfathomable.This is as lame as a Cedar tree telling a Banana tree – “Oh! Your leaves skin colour is so light and beautiful!!”it doesn’t work this way…..the diversified flora and fauna is created to relish each one’s uniqueness and not to look down upon the others.The biosphere works on very simple rule of balance and it has enough place for everyone and everything except greed.Unfortunately, human race has been totally taken over by lust, greed and ego which is not only leading to anger and dissatisfaction within them but to everyone around them.

Even in the so very advanced 21st century and from the world’s most civilised and developed societies we seem to have totally misunderstood colour,so…

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