Christianity in Britain

in the year 597, St. Augustine had to be sent to instruct the Anglo-Saxons in Christianity, as if all knowledge and remembrance of it had died out of the land.

English History

Chapter 5, 296 AD to 410 AD – Christianity in Britain – Continued

Various accounts are given as to the time when, and the persons by whom, the gospel was first introduced, some claiming St. Paul, others St. Peter, or Joseph of Arimathea, or the disciples of Polycarp, as the instruments by whom the gospel was first preached; and fixing different dates, from A.D. 43 downwards. A legend existed in the time of Bede, who wrote in the seventh century, that in the year 156, Lucius, king of the Britons, sent ambassadors to the pope Eleutherius, beseeching him to issue a mandate that he might be made a Christian, and afterwards he obtained the object of his pious petition, and the Britons preserved immaculate and sound, in peace and tranquillity, the faith which they had received, until the reign of the emperor Diocletian.

Modern writers have tried to account for…

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