Taste of our own medicine

Human race has been on a reckless spree to prove dominance over the planet. Behaving like an invincible species which is entitled to be served by the rest everything around them. We killed and endangered rest entire animal kingdom, deforested at an unprecedented pace, dug mine holes to extract rare earths, contaminated water bodies, polluted even air.In the name of development we distanced ourselves from everything around us and made contact with them either to damage them or serve our selfish ulterior motives. We almost convinced ourselves that we rule the roost and suddenly baffled Mother Nature puts a pause and pushes all of us into self distancing from everything and everyone.


Planet EARTH takes a deep dive into the COVID-19 pandemic,strange are the times that we all are being advised to follow social distancing. The magnitude and damage caused by virus is high and lethal but the need of the hour is to stay away from each other.Exceptional support method advised by experts, as otherwise during any crisis the call would always be to get united and stand for each other. Contrary to that, today the biggest support you can provide to your community is by staying away and breaking the chain reaction of the furious wrath by virus.

It’s as if the world, which has been running helter skelter otherwise is brought to a pause or if I may call it, world is put into slow motion.During these days of solitude ,as we all get some time to take a deep glance into our beings, we find that a lot…

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