Susan Collins Supports QAnon Candidates in Maine – (A closet conspiracy fan no longer in closet)

… Redmond said he discovered QAnon in the comments section of Zero Hedge, a far-right, libertarian economics blog notorious for spreading conspiracies. “I was hooked right off the bat,” said Redmond, who now considers himself an investigative journalist. “It was an opportunity to wrestle back control of our government from subvertists and treasonists. … As a veteran, I was called to arms.”

“What I understand about the QAnon program is that the military is going to need to intervene eventually,” Redmond said. Asked what he meant by “military intervention,” he explained: “Nazis never lost World War II. [Nazism] was dissolved, they were consumed into the U.S.A., and the rich, cultist, Satanist families continued to utilize this Nazi force.

“The end of World War III will end with Donald Trump,” he continued. “It’s already happening with the crushing of ISIS. There will be another Nuremberg trial, some of these icons of American industry and business will be held accountable at Gitmo [the military detention camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba].”

Kevin Bushey, the other QAnon acolyte supported by Collins’s PAC, has a long history of speaking publicly about his beliefs as a leader of a “QAnon Church” called Omega Kingdom Ministries. In a recorded interview in May, Bushey spoke to the Mainer about “his anti-mask protests, the Illuminati, his work as a QAnon analyst, and his ability to walk on glass,” telling the publication a shadowy class including bankers, Freemasons, Catholics, and Jews “have worked very diligently to support the idea we should be in continuous war or having ways, because they like to finance both sides of the equation.

Source: Susan Collins Supports QAnon Candidates in Maine