I strongly believe that your inner voice always guides you to the correct path. Whether we choose to listen to it or ignore it, is what entirely decides our destiny. If we ponder deeply inner voices correspond to the echo from our soul and our soul in the true sense is the iota of almighty.

Think about it! When we watch a movie or read a novel there often is this random character who due to some circumstantial developments is forced to rob or kill someone. On the contrary his instincts always guide him otherwise and he stands still at the spot for a couple of minutes but does it anyway which leads to the whole trail of wrong happenings. The same character submerged in retrospection later conveys his story to others guiltily repeating ‘only if I had listened to my inner voice…’

In today’s world where we humans unwisely…

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  1. I am genuinely grateful to you for sharing my blog with your dear readers. This so encouraging.
    Looking forward to some healthy interactions & sharing insights on our blogs.

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