‘Five Eyes’ alliance demands ways to access encrypted apps

No need to worry about TikToc, your own government wants a back door into your email…


The Five Eyes alliance on Sunday demanded that tech companies allow access to law enforcement agencies to encrypted apps.

The intelligence alliance is comprised of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

“There is increasing consensus across governments and international institutions that action must be taken”, the alliance said in a statement, warning that the growth of end-to-end encrypted apps that make official oversight impossible – like Signal, Telegram, FaceBook Messenger and WhatsApp – “pose significant challenges to public safety.”

The group, therefore, called on tech companies to “embed the safety of the public in system designs”, providing access to law enforcement “in a readable and usable format”.

The statement was also signed by India and Japan, which cooperate in intelligence with the group.

Pro-privacy advocates have warned that encoding the means for law enforcement to access a user’s communications can empower dictatorial governments. The Five Eyes, however, stressed that its proposal would require safeguards and oversight so that authorities cannot take advantage of their access.