Big Idiot Still Stupid, Confirmed (Another Trumpist fabrication… sigh)

Why? Why, in a world where people are always saying things, would he say these things right here? Things that aren’t backed up by what’s scientifically known about the novel coronavirus, which the Associated Press says might leave us with “some immunity” post-infection though how much and for how long remains unknown? Probably because he’s trailing Democratic rival Joe Biden in the polls, per CNN. Probably because he wants to get back out on the campaign trail to make the most of his final weeks before the Nov. 3 election in battleground states, where he’s just announced more rallies in the coming week, ABC News reports—even if he’s got to fake a doctor’s note about “no longer [being] considered a transmission risk to others” to do so. And probably also because people are always saying things. They’re famously always saying things, the people. Source: Big Idiot Still Stupid, Confirmed