Covid: UK at ‘tipping point’, top scientist warns – BBC News – (schools and universities remaining open will drive number of ill and deaths up and up and up)

Plans are not yet finalised, BBC political correspondent Chris Mason said, but that is likely to mean pubs will close, restaurants could face restrictions, people may even be told not to travel in and out of the area.

But schools and universities would remain open.

Source: Covid: UK at ‘tipping point’, top scientist warns – BBC News

Alarm as Covid cases soar across Europe and the US | RNZ News

US: Ten of the 50 states reported record one-day rises in cases, including the Midwestern states of Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Ohio. Wisconsin and Illinois recorded over 3000 new cases for a second day in a row – a two-day trend not seen even during the height of the previous outbreak in the spring, according to Reuters data.

France: The ministry reported 26,896 new infections, taking the cumulative total to 718,873 since the start of the year. The number of deaths increased by 54 to 32,684.

Ireland has reported 1012 new cases, the highest number in a day since the start of the pandemic and almost double the average for the past week. The government last Monday banned indoor restaurant dining nationwide and limited the number of visitors to people’s homes. But it rejected a recommendation from public health officials to impose a much stricter lockdown.

Source: Alarm as Covid cases soar across Europe and the US | RNZ News

PROJECT DANDELION – Home – Campus Sexual Assault Database

We are a non-profit foundation fighting for transparency of information on sexual assault and harassment on college campuses to ultimately promote safer schools and justice.

This is a database supplying clear information about sexual assault statistics on each United States college so that prospective students can make an educated decision on their school of choice based on safety, and so that all of us can understand the reality of campus sexual assault and rape, and encourage policymakers to change. 

We are an ever-growing team of students working with the Family Shelter Service who deeply believe that clear information about sexual harassment on colleges is  necessary for any student to make an educated decision in choosing a college, necessary for current students to understand the reality of their school, and necessary for policymakers to use to make important improvements to school policy. 


(developed by Therese Malinowski of Downers Grove South High School. Information includes a database on reports at individual schools in Illinois.)

‘Near extinction’ of influenza in NZ as numbers drop due to lockdown | RNZ

As we move into the spring/summer period where flu is always uncommon in New Zealand, Professor Michael Baker offers his analysis on the flu season numbers and why masks continue to be so important.

He said there has been “near extinction of influenza in New Zealand following our very effective Covid-19 response”, as numbers vanished from the two standard systems for surveillance – resulting in a 99.8 percent reduction in flu cases.

According to Baker, there were usually 1600 more deaths in winter, compared to other seasons, and around a third of those were caused by influenza, mostly in older people with long-term health conditions.

“What the Covid-19 response has done has largely eliminated those excess winter deaths and mortality as a whole is down around 5 percent,” he said. “So that means an extra 1500 people will survive this year who wouldn’t have.”

Source: ‘Near extinction’ of influenza in NZ as numbers drop due to lockdown | RNZ

Brazil’s coronavirus deaths surpass 150,000 |

The Brazilian Health Ministry reported that the death toll now stands at 150,198. The figure is the world’s second highest behind the United States, according to the tally maintained by Johns Hopkins University. The milestone has rekindled the pain of Naiane Moura, a sales consultant, who lost her father Elivaldo to COVID-19 in April. The 58-year-old postman had no prior illness and battled COVID-19 for seven days in a public hospital in Manaus, Brazil’s largest city in the Amazon. “When I see 150,000, I see my father alongside many other faceless bodies,” Moura said by phone. “I didn’t imagine that we would reach that number. I don’t believe that we will ever be able to totally overcome this.”

Source: Brazil’s coronavirus deaths surpass 150,000 |

Trump claims he got COVID from Gold Star event. Evidence shows he likely was already sick by then | The Star

Reporters have scoured photos, video, social media and travel schedules to identify and trace the whereabouts of White House officials, aides and those in their orbit who have recently contracted the novel coronavirus. Aside from the president and first lady, so far the only others from the Gold Star event known to have tested positive are Coast Guard Adm. Charles Ray and Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany. By contrast, at least a dozen people who attended the announcement of the president’s nominee for the Supreme Court the previous day, Saturday, have tested positive.

Source: Trump claims he got COVID from Gold Star event. Evidence shows he likely was already sick by then | The Star

Happi American Horse struggling with COVID-19


Article by Brenda NorrellCensored News

Cheryl Angel sends thanks to everyone praying for her son Happi American Horse, who is hospitalized with COVID-19 and pneumonia. Happi is getting stronger.Cheryl who has recovered from coronavirus said it is so difficult not to be with loved ones when they are sick. She describes how alone she felt when she was sick with the virus.”I cried,” she said.”I