Most Patients’ Covid-19 Care Looks Nothing Like Trump’s – The New York Times

“I got angry,” said Ms. Hill, 41, who isolated in her bedroom for weeks while her husband left meals at the doorstep and her teenage son could only wave through a window. “He whipped that mask off. It’s not been 10 days, it’s not been two weeks. If he’s positive, then he just exposed everybody.”

After Ms. Hill got sick, compounding a pre-existing heart condition, her doctors pumped her with steroids and antibiotics. She did not have access to experimental treatment, she said, something she would have welcomed.

“Don’t fear Covid? Tell that to the ones who died, the ones who buried family members, the ones with empty seats at their dining room tables, and all of us who are still suffering,” said Ms. Hill, who is nearly 200 days into her illness and still experiencing fevers and vacillating blood pressure. She plans to support Joseph R. Biden Jr. in November.