Breonna Taylor’s Family Calls for Kentucky Governor to Dump AG Daniel Cameron, Assign New Special Prosecutor to Case


Days after Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron released 15 hours of audio from grand jury proceedings related to the killing of Breonna Taylor, attorneys for Taylor’s family are calling for Gov. Andy Beshear to appoint a new special prosecutor.

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Texas Police Officer Fired After Sharing ‘Stop Resisting’ Meme That Featured a Black Man Lying in a Coffin


A Fort Worth, Texas, police officer found himself unemployed Thursday because he was stupid enough to think that, even with a national spotlight continuing to air out police practices in America, he could get away with sharing a meme on Facebook that featured a Black man in a casket as a warning of what happens when…

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Ella Fitzgerald, The Lost Berlin Tapes

In 1962, Ella Fitzgerald performed a show in Berlin, just two years after the famous performance that earned the jazz great two Grammys for masterfully butchering the lyrics to Mack the Knife. The recording for the ‘62 Berlin show was presumed lost until it was recently rediscovered in the archive of a record executive.

Early this year, Mr. Field and Ken Druker, a vice president at Verve — which survives today under the auspices of Universal Music Group — were digging through a rediscovered trove of live recordings that Granz had stashed away decades ago. They came across an apparently untouched reel-to-reel, with yellowed Scotch tape still holding the box shut, featuring a concert Fitzgerald had given in Berlin two years after that first famous outing.

Upon inspection, they found that recordings had been made in both mono and stereo — a rare stroke of luck. They listened, and the quality was excellent. Using a new engineering software that allowed him to more precisely isolate the instruments and Fitzgerald’s voice, Mr. Field filled out the low end and brought her singing to the front.

The result of their discovery is The Lost Berlin Tapes, now available in stores and various streaming plaforms. Here’s Fitzgerald singing Mack the Knife from that performance:

And the whole album on Spotify:

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Detroit Bus Drivers Strike over Violent Attacks

Chill – protect your drivers and riders.

Detroit bus drivers, the first essential workers in the country to strike for safety during the pandemic, pulled a wildcat work stoppage again Friday, angry over escalating violence against drivers. Often the attacks are triggered, they said, by a driver’s request that a passenger wear a mask.

Decoy turtle eggs put in nests to track illegal trade in Costa Rica

cool idea to stop poachers –


Quarter of fakes were stolen with some eggs tracked from thief to trafficker to consumer

Decoy eggs made by a 3D-printer and fitted with satellite tags have been placed in sea turtle nests on beaches in Costa Rica to track the illegal trade of their eggs.

A quarter of the fake eggs put among 101 turtle nests on four beaches in Costa Rica were stolen, with some eggs successfully tracked as they moved from thief to trafficker to consumer.

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Political appointees investigated Voice of America journalist for possible anti-Trump bias: report | TheHill (When neo-fascists work for US – this happens)

The USAGM declined to comment to NPR, but 30 minutes after being contacted the agency issued a memo titled “Guidance on Conflicts of Interest” to staff. The memo states, for example, that a “journalist who on Facebook ‘likes’ a comment or political cartoon that aggressively attacks or disparages the President must recuse themselves from covering the President.”

VOA is subject to strict laws barring political interference or influence on its reporting. Earlier this year, Vice President Pence’s staff threatened action against Herman after he reported on Pence flouting the Mayo Clinic’s mask requirement during a visit during the pandemic.

Source: Political appointees investigated Voice of America journalist for possible anti-Trump bias: report | TheHill