Jerusalem Post took government money to publish anti-BDS special

In exchange for government money, the Jerusalem Post published a special supplement in June 2019 titled “Unmasking BDS,” as part of the ministry’s attempts to delegitimize the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement. Within the supplement’s pages, top journalists at the paper interviewed officials from the ministry as well as members of organizations abroad that work in concert with it. Other interviewees included Republican Senator and former U.S. presidential candidate Ted Cruz, who was described as a “brave warrior” for Israel.

The deal between the Jerusalem Post and the Strategic Affairs Ministry, which was mediated by Israel’s Government Advertising Agency, was revealed for the first time last month, following a freedom of information request filed by the Seventh Eye.

On its face, the supplement appears to be a combination of a Jerusalem Post project and an advertising pamphlet, although nowhere does it directly declare that the ministry paid for its content. In contrast, the articles and columns from the supplement that were published on the Jerusalem Post’s website do not inform readers in any way that they are, in fact, reading government propaganda.

Source: Jerusalem Post took government money to publish anti-BDS special