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Roses and Brimstone

1. Which ethnicity do you belong to?

I am Indian and Sri Lankan by ethnicity. I was not born in this region because I was born in the Southeast Asian peninsula. My great grandparents from both sides were from both Southern India and Sri Lanka.

2. Which food represents your ethnicity?

This is call a thali on a banana leaf. The rice is really important and sometimes you can request for biryani rice( which is eaten and well loved by South Asian countries , its diaspora and regions like Iraqi Kurdistan) instead of the white rice. There are sauces, curries, vegetables, sweets and if you ordered a non – vegetarian thali you could even get fish, mutton, and chicken in small bowls. The common vegetables I normally witnessed being prepared are pumpkin, chickpeas, cauliflower, potatoes, lady fingers and brinjals . The common feature of a thali is a lentil…

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