In the Navajo Nation, Anarchism Has Indigenous Roots

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K’é Infoshop cofounder Radmilla Cody. (K’e Infoshop / Instagram)

Out of a vacant coffeeshop, the collective K’é Infoshop is dedicated to mutual aid on America’s largest reservation.

By Cecilia Nowell shared with thanks via The Nation

About an hour west of the New Mexico–Arizona border, an expanse of highway, sky, and sagebrush-spotted terrain ends in sandstone cliffs. The red-orange walls drop down into Canyon de Chelly, the only national park operated on land still owned by the Navajo Nation.

This summer, as the per capita rate of coronavirus cases in the Navajo Nation surpassed New York state’s, Kauy Bahe, 19, found himself standing on the canyon’s edge as he delivered food to a Navajo elder and her family as part of a mutual aid effort.

“It was a beautiful spot,” Bahe (Navajo) said, describing the woman’s cornfield

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and hogan (a traditional Navajo home made of wood and packed soil) outside…

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