EU takes action against fake news

the European Parliament has set up a special committee that has now set to work. Their remit goes far beyond disinformation about the virus itself. The EU has observed not just public health disinformation, but attempts by foreign powers including Russia and China to undermine democracy in the EU and weaken the global role of the bloc.

The committee intends to begin by finding out what issues are targeted in the spread of disinformation. One of the main issues remains attempts to influence elections. Shortly before the most recent European elections, Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) reported massive Russia propaganda campaigns, which went further than disinformation spread via social media.

The MEPs revealed cyberattacks on electoral infrastructure, and that political bodies in their own countries were directly or indirectly financially supported by foreign powers. For example, the party of French right-wing populist former MEP Marine Le Pen was suspected of receiving money


A special committee of the European Parliament is set to detect and combat foreign cyberattacks. The EU has confirmed that targeted disinformation campaigns are on the rise — partly relating to the coronavirus pandemic.