Adib Promises ‘Mission Govt.’ that ‘Satisfies All Lebanese’ — Naharnet

Source: Adib Promises ‘Mission Govt.’ that ‘Satisfies All Lebanese’ — Naharnet

Adib noted that he had maintained silence throughout the past period out of his sense of the “great responsibility” resting on his shoulders and in order to present a line-up in consultation with the President and within the constitutional framework.

Reiterating his commitment that the government will be comprised of “competent specialists who can win the confidence of the country and the Arab and international communities,” the PM-designate pointed out that that would “open the door before Lebanon to get the necessary foreign assistance to rescue the sinking economy.”

Adib also urged all parties anew to “cooperate for the sake of Lebanon and its sons” and “seize the opportunity of rescuing the country.”

The PM-designate’s remarks come a day after ex-PM Saad Hariri presented an initiative aimed at resolving the deadlock over the finance ministerial portfolio.

Hariri said he has decided to “help PM-designate Adib find an exit through naming an independent finance minister from the Shiite sect who would be chosen by him, similarly to the rest of ministers, on the basis of competency, integrity and non-partisanship.”