UPDATE: Covid Comes Knocking — beetleypete – UK

Following my post yesterday, things moved fast. Julie persisted online, and was eventually offered a test at a place outside of Norwich, 25 miles away. As she was too unwell to drive, I took her there. They sent a Q-Code to her phone, and she had to take that, and a photo I.D. She also […]

UPDATE: Covid Comes Knocking — beetleypete

The whole experience left me thinking about a few things. For one, the NHS really did well, after the shaky start when we were offered a test 100 miles away. So you have to keep trying online, and tests are available locally, until 8:00 PM. But then I thought about people who don’t have a car. They are not allowed to walk into that test centre, and no public transport can get you to it either. And what if they are not online, have no access to any computer, and don’t have a mobile phone? There must be some other way of course, but I bet it is not easy to arrange.

For those readers outside of the UK, remember this is all totally free of charge for us here.

So no complaints from me.