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A dishonest cup of Joe

A few years ago, I strode into my favorite supermarket, list in hand. A dozen eggs: Check. A Quart of milk: Check. A Loaf of bread: Check. A Pound of Coffee: Oops. Well, I can’t start the morning with a cup of “oops”, so I doubled back to the coffee section for a pound of Maxwell House – as in “Good to the Last Drop”. But this time, there would be a few less of those last drops. Apparently the folks at Maxwell House made the determination that a full pound of coffee was simply too much goodness to bear, and mercifully reduced the weight to thirteen ounces. How thoughtful of them. Like any self-respecting cheapskate, I was fit to be tied. “Well screw you Mr. House, I’m not taking that crap from anybody” I screamed to myself while haphazardly tossing the coffee can back…

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